musica reanimata

Society for the Promotion and Re-discovery of Composers Persecuted by the Nazi Regime
and Their Works (registered society)

Board of trustees:
Daniel Barenboim, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Benz, Dr. Volker Hassemer,
Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert, Udo Lindenberg, Prof. Udo Zimmermann

Honorary member: Berthold Goldschmidt (†)

Chairman: Dr. Albrecht Dümling
Secretary: Peter Sarkar

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The society was founded in 1990 with the purpose of integrating the works of composers persecuted by the Nazi regime into present-day musical culture. To this end, it organizes lecture recitals, in co-operation with the Konzerthaus Berlin and with the radio station Deutschlandfunk. It also organizes musicological conferences, and publishes current research in a journal and in a series of books.

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Our next lecture recital

Tuesday, 25. June 2019 Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt Berlin, Musikclub, 20h
Stateless, chased, deported. The musicians Pál Hermann and Géza Frid
[Preview »]

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musica reanimata on broadcast

Tuesday, 19. March 2019, 22.05 - 22.50 h, Deutschlandfunk "Musikszene":
Broadcast of excerpts from lecture recital No. 138 (10. January 2019, Konzerthaus Berlin)
Defamed as a forger: The violinist Fritz Kreisler

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musica reanimata CDs

CD Cover mit Joseph Horovitz The second issue of our series with recordings of our lecture recitals contains recital No. 101 (Konzerthaus Berlin, 29. March 2012), featuring the british composer of Austrian Jewish parentage Joseph Horovitz. On the CD, there are his Sonatina for clarinet and piano (1981), the 2nd movement of the Violin Concerto (1951) and the String Quartet No. 5 (1969), performed by Matthias Höfele (clarinet), Tatjana Blome (piano) and Ensemble Zeitlos: Claudia Sack, Philip Douvier, Friedemann Wollheim & Gabriella Strümpel. Also, you can listen to the composer talking with Dr. Albrecht Dümling (in German). Booklet in German and English (24 pages).

To buy the CD set, please contact our secretary:
Peter Sarkar, Steubenstr. 35, D-99423 Weimar
Price: 15 Euros, shipping fee 4 Euros (2 Euros within Germany, if buying 3 or more sets shipping is free).

Also available the set of two discs, containing the concerts No. 72 (1.6.2006)
An ostracised is made president: The composer and educator Siegfried Borris (1906-1987).
CD Cover mit Ilse Weber Performers: Katharina Göres, soprano; Olga Kotchenkova, cello; Hanno Pilz, clarinet; Gottfried Eberle, piano; Albrecht Dümling talks with Juliane Lepsius and Gisela Bauer.

No. 82 (22.5.2008)
In Terezin with a guitar: Ilse Weber (1903-1944), poet and singer
Performers: Maria Thomaschke and Andreas Jocksch, singers and speakers; Kathrin Redlich, guitar; Timofey Sattarov, bajan; Volker Suhre, double bass; Winfried Radeke, arrangements, harpsichord and moderator.
Guest: Rahel Rosa Neubauer.

Price: 20 Euros, shipping fee 4 Euros (2 Euros within Germany, if buying 3 or more sets shipping is free, also in combination with the Horovitz CD).

musica reanimata