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Bronislaw Huberman (158) Thursday, 15. June 2023, Konzerthaus Berlin, Musikclub, 20 h
Bronislaw Huberman - Violinist and campaigner for a united Europe

Bronislaw Huberman started an early international career as a violinist at age 11. He was born in Czestochowa in the Russian Empire (now Poland). The outbreak of WWI meant a great shock to him. He campaigned for the unification of Europe which he considered the only way to achieve peace. Later he made great efforts to rescue German Jews from Hitler. He was influential in founding an orchestra in Palestine which later turned into the world-famous Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.
The program of our concert will include pieces which had been regularly performed by Huberman: music by Beethoven, Brahms, Bruch and Paganini.

Judith Ingolfsson, violin
Vladimir Stoupel, piano
Albrecht Dümling talks with Harald Eggebrecht and Habakuk Traber

This concert will be supported by Bareva Foundation

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