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Hans Winterberg (148) Berlin 10. September 2021, Grunewald Church Berlin, 20h (Bismarckallee 28b, 14193 Berlin-Wilmersdorf)
A difficult legacy: the Czech-German composer Hans Winterberg (1901-1991)

After WW I the Austro-Hungarian Empire broke apart and in 1918 the Czchoslovak Republic was founded. 9 million Czechs ans Slovaks and 3 million Germans lived within its borders. Not all of them wanted to become Czchoslovak citizens. Viktor Ullmann remained Austrian, whereas Hans Wintergberg's family chose the Czech citizenship, although they were Jewish and spoke German. In 1944, Winterberg was divorced from his non-Jewish wife and subsequently he was deported to Terezin. After the war he settled in Bavaria.
Peter Kreitmeir, the composer's grandson, talks with Albrecht Dümling about Winterberg's difficult legacy and the recent rediscovery of his music.

Adagio from piano sonata No. 1 (1936)
Theresienstädter Suite 1945 for piano
Sonata for cello and piano (1951)
Impressionistic Suite for piano (ca. 1973)

Performers: Adele Bitter (cello) and Christophe Sirodeau (piano)
Peter Kreitmeir talks with Albrecht Dümling

Tickets from 7 p.m. at the venue only, price 10 Euros.
Government guidance to COVID safety regulations may be altered, please check up on the regulations before your visit.

This concert and No. 148 will be supported by the Harald Genzmer Foundation
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