musica reanimata produces its own series of writings under the title Verdrängte Musik. NS-verfolgte Komponisten und ihre Werke (Displaced Music. Nazi-persecuted Composers and their Work) [books »]. Furthermore, a journal is being published, named mr-Mitteilungen (mr News) [Journal »]. These publications are both devoted to research by members of the society and by other scholars who are working on the field of Nazi-persecuted music.
The books are centered upon composers, their biographies, works and the music's implications, whereas the journal includes also articles on institutions and on persons working in other musical professions. These are supplemented by information on the organisation's activities and co-operating institutions, as well as regular announcements about concerts, books, scores and CDs.

Editor of the series of writings Verdrängte Musik: Dr. Albrecht Dümling
Editor of the journal mr-Mitteilungen: Peter Sarkar

The series of writings can be ordered consecutively: ISSN 0942-1246
Orders via your local bookseller or from the publisher:
von Bockel Verlag []
Wernershagener Weg 50, D-24537 Neumünster
Tel. + Fax: 04321 - 3341664

Volumes 16-22 can be obtained from bookshops or directly from the publisher:
PFAU-Verlag Friedberg []
Kaiserstr. 115, 61169 Friedberg
Tel. +49 (0)6031 6726425

The journal mr-Mitteilungen is published in three issues per annum. Members of musica reanimata receive the News free of charge. Non-members may subscribe for an annual charge of 13 Euros (within Germany; other countries 20 Euros). Earlier volumes are available at a cost of 3 Euros each plus 2,00 Euro p&p (within Germany; other countries 4 Euros). Please write or e-mail the editor:

Peter Sarkar
Steubenstr 35, 99423 Weimar
Tel.: 03643 - 400156
musica reanimata