musica reanimata

Society for the Promotion and Re-discovery of Composers Persecuted by the Nazi Regime
and Their Works (registered society)

Registered at: Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg, VR 11688 B

Holder: musica reanimata e.V.
Address: Peschkestr. 5, c/o Dr. Albrecht Dümling
City: Berlin
Postal code: 12161
Country: DE

Administrative Contact (admin-c) and Editor:
Name: Peter Sarkar
Organisation: musica reanimata e.V.
Address: Steubenstr. 35, c/o Peter Sarkar
City: Weimar
Postal code: 99423
Country: DE

implementation: Peter Sarkar &

translations: Jeffrey Burns (†), Tanya Tintner, Peter Sarkar
musica reanimata